Hey there, my names Dylan and welcome to my blog. I'm a diehard Mets' fan and an aspiring sports journalist currently in college. I find myself with so many things to say about the Mets during and after baseball season but nowhere to share my thoughts without annoying everyone I know. So I decided to start up a little blog as a place to put down all my thoughts and ideas about the Mets. I started off with a free blog host but decided to buy my own domain and use Squarespace to power my blog. It's still a small site but I'm trying to get my name out there so hopefully I can intern when I move on to a 4 year degree program. Starting the site during the offseason was a way for me to get my feet wet and have the ability to write about things at my own pace. When the regular season begins (which it might have already done by the time some of you read this) I plan on doing 1 or 2 posts a week. Likely reviewing a series, or just the week in general. I'm always up for ideas and suggestions. My twitter is in the navigation bar above and all the other ways to contact me are below this post. Including my email, Instagram and Facebook! I hope you all enjoy the site and feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions! 


All opinions are my own and do not reflect that of Keith Hernandez himself (although, who knows...)