About Me


Welcome to Keith's Mustache, an overly opinionated Mets' blog with all the "Fundies." My name's Dylan and I'm an aspiring sports journalist as well as a diehard Mets' fan. In the past I've found myself with so many things to say about the Mets during the season and the offseason but no where to share them without annoying everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook. So, I decided to start up a small blog to post my thoughts and opinions about the Mets. It's a one-man operation but I try my best to produce quality content every week. So, why the name "Keith's Mustache?" Well, I'm a huge Keith Hernandez fan. While I wasn't alive to see him play as a Met, I know the impact he had on the team and how he's one of the greatest First Basemen in the history of baseball. As the first team captain for the Mets, Keith brought so much to the table and helped them to their 2nd ever World Series' win in 1986. As much as I'm a fan of Keith for the player he was, I love the entertainment he brings to the booth. Even if the Mets are getting slaughtered, Keith always manages to make me laugh with his wit and sarcasm. I try to incorporate my own wit and sarcasm into my posts and thus, I decided it only made sense to name the site after Mr. Hernandez himself. I hope you can find my posts entertaining and informative as I deliver my opinions or reviews on what is going on with the Mets. For any questions or comments please refer to the "Contact" tab or the social media icons below! 

All opinions are my own and do not reflect that of Keith Hernandez himself (although, who knows...)